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Bucky ( buk-eeee) - This meant an area that was heavily wooded, was an ideal spot for a buck to hide out in.               ( That place sure looks bucky!)
Jessiola ( jessie-o-la) – Someone who is attractive, but usually knows it. ( That girl is a real jessiola right there!!)
Daisy Mae ( dazey-may) – Someone that was irritating, aggravating, thought they were someone they weren’t. Could be up graded to a triple daisy mae, or quadruple daisy mae. ( this meant extra, extra aggravating) ( He’s just an old quadruple daisy mae!!!)
Hucka buck puddle duck ( hukabuk pudl duk) - A hunting season favorite, when you just didn’t have anything else to say.
Larapin and delicious- Food that is extra good. Could use just the word larapin, for food that was just good.
Philadelphia lawyer- was when you are dressed to kill in your best suit or dress.
Flat can- an expression to describe when you absolutely, positively can do something. ( He flat can play!)
World class- simply the best there  is, a league all their own.
Ginnalin- a sweetie pie, a pretty girl, very attractive.
Goo-oo-ook – off your rocker, elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.
Birdy  (Also now birdy) – when you didn’t want to be caught talking to yourself, this was your imaginary friend’s name you talked to instead.
Blue bird day – sun shiny, clear beautiful day. Not to hot, not to cold.
Best I ever had – a compliment you give to someone, every time after you’ve eaten something they have cooked for you.
Look good for your age – when you finally forget about the fact you are getting older, a friendly reminder.
Coffee-hot-coffee- I am having a nervous twitch until I get my coffee.
Rich-a-dey  ( richadee)- well to do, rich looking, obviously has got money.
Fancidie Smancidie – glitz and glamour, all the bells and whistles.
Patchy (pat chee) – very tough, or very crazy. One or the other. Doesn’t necessary use good judgement on things.