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Hi Carroll, just got your message about Wayne's site and visited it today.. brought back a lot of memories.. he was a special person so extraordinarily gifted..I have a new vocabulary word for you... BUTTWOOD.. It's the first 2 words in a song, "but would you take another chance on me"... when Wayne sang it he emphasized the 1st 2 words, "but would" so hard that I brought it to his attention and we laughed so hard and constantly referred to that song as the buttwood song...He taught me so many piano runs that I still use today and I think of him a lot when I play.....hope to hear your music clips before too long... hope you and your family are doing well...Rusty Dyson


As I am building this site and struggle with getting the slideshow to work. I learn more and more about a very special man. As I read your comments and funny stories and look at the many pictures that soon you will be able to see also; I am amazed how one person can impact so many lives. Ya'll are truly blessed to have known him and be a part of his legacy.

Emily Colgan


Q:Where & when did you meet Wayne? A: He was playing piano for Hollands 

Q:What was your relationship? A: brother married my daughter 

Share a memory: to know him is to love him. he was the world's greatest. Wayne was the best musician yet made everyone else feel important. He was so caring and respectful of others feelings. No one could play like our Wayne. I miss him coming around. Thanks for this website and an opportunity to share a remembrance.

Holley-Gray Toedy


Q: Where & when did you meet Wayne? A: Pearl, Texas

Q: What was your relationship? A: friend  

Share a memory: Best piano player I ever met. My parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Doyle, have gone to meet their maker and share with Wayne in the full glory of God. They loved Wayne. Daddy was in heaven on earth when he was able to listen to Wayne play the piano.

I thank God for blessing my parents with his friendship and love.

Mary DeLaCruz


Q: Where & when did you meet Wayne? A: 1975 (or 1976)

Q: What was your relationship? A: Friend And Brother In The Lord

Share a memory: Getting "Re-connected" with W.J. Wayne and I go waaayyyy back to the mid-1970s, when I first got in church, and he had come to visit and stay awhile with his dear friends Brother Roger Marcus and his family, whenever Brother L.S. Marcus (deceased) was the pastor of the " Old " Peace Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church, on N. Main St. in Baytown, Texas. I was married to Brother Marcus' niece, Robbie, on October 22nd, 1976, and Wayne had gone back to his home in Ball, Louisiana, and I lost touch with him for several years. My only brother, Mark, who has lived and worked in Dallas for several years, was out to dinner one evening in 2006 or 2007, with some friends, when the table talk turned to the subject of some of them being raised in the Pentecostal faith. Mark had known that I had exhausted every means that I knew of to try and find Wayne's where-a-bouts for 30+ years, and so just in conversation, he asked if any of the people at his table had ever heard of a "gifted" piano player, who was very well known in Pentecostal circles, by the name of Wayne Joiner. One of the ladies at his table spoke up and said : " Well, I guess I DO KNOW HIM, he's my best friend's brother, would you like me to get his phone number for you ?" Well, Mark said that he nearly fell out of his chair, upon hearing this exciting news, and said, " My brother, Rayburn, has been trying to find and re-connect with Wayne for 30+ years, I would love to get his phone number so that I can give it to him !!!" He got Wayne's number and when I called him, I simply said : "Well, Brother Wayne Joiner, how in the world have you been ??? Do you have any idea who this is ???" Without even the slighest bit of hesitation he said : "Well, it kinda sounds like 'ole Brother Rayburn Beaubouef to me." He truly had a "gifted ear", not only for music, but for old friend's voices, as well !!! He never had forgotten my voice, after 30+ years that had gone by !!! We kept in touch, by phone, for the next few years, and always talked of having a reunion one of these days, when he would get to come down from Hendersonville,Tennessee, where he lived, to visit his sister, Carroll, in the Dallas area, but it wasn't to be. I received a call from my Mother one Sunday morning, who informed me that she had just spoken to her niece from Tioga, Louisiana, who had told her that she had heard at church that morning, that Brother Wayne had gone home to be with his Lord & Savior, that morning. I was blessed to be able to get to attend his home-going service in Minden, Louisiana, and to see his Dad, Brother Jerry & Sister Carroll, again, and to offer my condolences. I walked up to the casket and said : "Well, Brother Wayne, this wasn't the reunion that I had in mind, here in this old world, so we'll just have to wait to have the best one of all, on the other side, in Gloryland !!!" I loved Wayne like a Brother, 'cause he WAS my

"Brother In The Lord" !!!

Rayburn T. Beaubouef


Q: Where & when did you meet Wayne? A: Have No Clue where he 1st got to hold me

Q: What was your relationship? A: Only Granddaughter 

Share a memory: Sorry but, no. Well, unfortunately, I have no memories .I wish I had some good ones to share but I have some pictures & I’ve heard plenty of stories (that’s entertainment enough I can't believe being there!!) I see myself in a lot of the things I hear about him(especially the hunting part )Small things I’ve found out we are alike in is, writing my name & date on everything! & one of my main ones Well, unfortunately, I have no memories .I wish I had some good ones to share but I have some pictures & I’ve heard plenty of stories (that’s entertainment enough I can't believe being there!!) I see myself in a lot of the things I hear about him(especially the hunting part )Small things I’ve found out we are alike in is, writing my name & date on everything! & one of my main ones is I’ve always had a good shot from when I was very young & I know that was from him. More than anything, I wish I could have gone hunting w/ him!!! But, I have hope in God's better plan & I plan to see him again soon but here, in paradise, when everything is new. In the Bible @ Ecclesiastes it says " the dead are conscious of nothing at all" Jesus likened death to sleep many times like when his friend Lazarus died. That’s what I hope in for many of my love ones who have passed away, one day he will call & they will all answer.



Q: Where & when did you meet Wayne? A: When mom brought me home from the hospital in 1960 

Q:What was your relationship? A: my WORLD CLASS brother 

Share a memory Like my niece...a bunch of memories On my birthday 2007, Wayne called me. He said "Happy Birthday my sister on this Sept 13, 2007, the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (he always said that when he mentioned a year

For first time in my life, he told me that day "I remember the day you came home from the hospital. He said "I remember what you looked like and how little you were".

Anyway, this is just one of many. I will be posting more on the memory lane tab. Thank you for taking the time to be here and read and enjoy all this site has to offer! Blessings to you and yours!

Carroll Joiner Richardson


Q:What was your relationship? A: that's my daddy-o  

Share a memory A memory?! Way too many!!! What a nice place for all of us to see my Dad anytime we want! He's not a person you easily, if ever, forget! He was an EXPERIENCE!! That's funny because most folks tell me that too! I remind myself of him all the time.....ALL the time! You might not know my middle name is his name. So are my blue eyes his, and the nervous qwerks, and a few other things. (Mostly silly things) But, me & him, we understand 'em!! In a short time, he taught me many things, and taught me them well! I consider it my obligation to pass along the "Wayne" I carry with me. I look forward to the connections this site will create. My Dad will NEVER be's impossible to forget him!! Enjoy your time "mullin' over" good memories! (I've got some wordology of my own! )

And be assured if he knew you, he loved you........and did NOT forget you either!

Nicholle WAYNETTE Maddox


 I was blessed to share more memories with my Uncle Wayne than I could ever recall. However, some of my favorite times with him were surprisingly not not around the piano but rather in the car. He would sit there so nervous he made me nervous. He would talk til his tongue lagged out and never stop fidgeting. He had the funniest way of telling a story and he loved to tell me how patchy he was and what Ginniling's his old girlfriends were...I never stopped laughing when We-We was around.  There is one thing that sticks out in my my mind...after my husband left me...Wayne was one of the first people to call me. He told me how sorry he was and shared his faith with me at my weakest point! He also told me he believed in me and that he was certain I would be just fine. He promised to pray for me every morning and I know he did. He told me he knew I was strong enough to start over and when I did, he said it was no surprise! I know he's in a better place today with people he loves...its only a matter of time till we'll see him again!

I love you Uncle Wayne... 

We-We's "Ginniling" niece, Holly Wud