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His Life

            From the first time you ever hear Wayne play the piano; you will realize that he was undoubtedly a genius and a master of it. True there are a lot of good piano players in the world, but what sets Wayne’s talents aside from others. Is his, truly was a gift from God. From the time of his conception, he was prayed over by his mother, to be a gifted piano player. His mother and father were in ministry and had often found themselves in need of a piano player to accompany them. God heard and answered her prayers.
             Three years after his birth, his mother walked into, what she thought to be an empty church to find Wayne barely able to reach the keys from the floor, playing a gospel song. Soon after, Wayne’s anointing began to touch all those who were fortunate enough to witness his gift. Wayne never had any lessons, only determination to perfect what God had given him. He grew up performing in many churches, camp meetings, even for governors of states.
             Through his childhood and through his teenage years he grew in recognition around the state as one of the premier piano players. After graduating from high school, Wayne found himself eager to learn new and different styles of music. And from there a whole new audience discovered his many talents. From classical to rock and roll, from jazz to country. Wayne could do it all. All it took was Wayne to hear a tune or song only once, then he could play it back never missing a note and by the second time around often made it sound better than the original.
 While playing through the years he developed an admiration for other piano players that had seemed to perfect their gift, ( Floyd Cramer, Anthony Burger, Roger Bennett, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggert, Mickey Gilley, Charley Rich). And often paid tribute to them by playing their songs during concerts. Note for note, key for key just as they had recorded them. Often imitating them on stage during his performances. The ones that were lucky enough to see him perform them were often blown away by his abilities.
Wayne recorded several tapes throughout the years. Some country, some easy listening, some classical and of course gospel. He sang on some, but for the most, it was just him and the piano. That’s when he was in his element.

             After many years of playing to large crowds and opening for big names in the entertainment world, Wayne walked away from it all. He was obviously headed to stardom in the country music industry, but felt the call of the Lord to return to what his first love was. His love for God and his love of ministering through the gift he was blessed with. He then spent the next several years ministering through his music wherever the Lord sent him.         
            Wayne grew up loving everything that nature and the outdoors had to offer. When he wasn’t performing or ministering. He could be found in the woods somewhere hunting or next to a fishing hole.  He loved to hunt and to fish, but most of all just being out in the quiet woods, just him and all God’s creation. He got just as excited to see someone he loved, such as a family member, hunting or fishing as he did himself. During seasons, often he could be found in camouflage coveralls and boots everyday. Those who saw him like this would never guess at the talent this one man had.  Not until someone would recognize him and ask him to play something would they be in awe at his gift. No matter where he went, talk sooner or later turned to hunting or fishing.